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Skia - Skia Sporades ( 1 week )
Skia - Scopelos - Alonissos - Kira Panagia - Zagora(Volos) - Koukounaries - Skiathos - Skia
Skia - Skia Sporades ( 2 weeks )
Skia - Scopelos - Alonissos - Kira Panagia - Porto Koufo - Kalithea - Poro Karras - Zagora(Volos) - Trikeri(Volos) - Orei(Evia) - Glifa(Volos) - Koukounaries - Skiathos - Skia

The island of Skyros lies in the Northern Sporathes. Hidden in the centre of the Aegean Sea, it has kept its natural beauty as well as its traditions and costoms.The northern section of the island is covered with pine trees, natural beauty spots and wonderful small beaches. In contrast the southern part is rocky, yet with its own wild beauty.The Skyrian houses are well-known-small white cubes, one on top of the other, clustering around the Castle for protection from the previous pirate raids.

The capital of the island is called Chora is amphitheatrically built on the sides of the Castle. Another characteristic of the town is the maze of narrow streets. Capping the Castle is the monastery of St. George, which was built in 962 AD by the Byzantines.

Visitors of Skyros will enjoy the clean sea and the beautiful beaches and may discover the natural beauty of the island.

Skopelos is an island of the North Sporades, that surely hasn' t sacrificed its natural beaty. Its architectural design, the narrow paved streets, the small balkonies and the stone houses give it a unique charm.

In Skopelos one can find beatiful and eccentric bars and clean beaches to relax. The capital, Skopelos, is an enchanting village, amphitheatrically built, starting from the port up the Castle.

The archeological sites like the Asklipeio, the Ancient Tumbs (Sendoukia), the Royal Tumb of Stafulos and the monasteries of Evagelistra are of great interest.

The magnificent beaches of Agios Konstadinos, Glysteri and Vathia are there for the visitors' relaxation.

Skiathos is situated in the middle of the Aegean sea and belongs to the North Sporades. The idyllic, bright green island has played a leading part throughout the centuries. The natural beauty, the spacious and safe port, the rich soil and the opulence of the sea world, always made it attractive to immigrates and conquerors.

Places worth visitin are the Bourzi, a small peninsula which devides the port in two, the convent of the Annunciation of the Virgin Mary, the Castle and the Church of Christ.

The beaches of Skiathos are numerous and captivating. The most wellknown is Koukounaries, a gold sandy beach of unique aquatic life that has been protected by the municipality. Other beaches are Vasilias, Megali Ammos, Achladias, Janerias, Kanapitsa, Troulos, Agia Paraskevi and Thromolimnos.

Alonyssos is the third island of the Sporades group. It is all green, with an abundance of natural beauty, flora, fauna and beaches. Alonissos is a tranquil island, just being discovered by tourism. It offers crystal clear waters ideal for swimming and snorkelling, rich fishing grounds and generally aquiet, easy and relaxed atmosphere.

The island consists of the harbour and the capital, Patitiri, the adjoining villages of Votsi and Rousoum, Old Alonyssos and the
seaside resorts of Steni Vala and Kalamakia.

Alonyssos, along with the surrounding islands, is the home of the rare Mediteranean Monk Seal. Greece, along with the EEC chose this area to establish a national marine park to save the seals in addition to conserving the natural beauty and uniqueness of the area.


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